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Contest reward finally done

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 2:12 PM

I just finished a reward piece that I promised to the winner of the first literature contest, but instead of a sketch I made a large detailed painting, so it took me quite long. But, I'm happy that 
 :icondrigulch: is happy with the result!

It was lovely to work based on a short story, I'll sure host an other literature contest soon, stay tuned if you are interested in participating!

Aaaan here I present you:

Vanity's hunger

Vanity's hunger by KarinaMacGill

I really liked the story he wrote, so I felt like I have to do it like this, so other way.

Here you can read the story:

"Dear Lady MacGill, 

You will likely regret honoring me after you read all of this! My take on a Snow White story .....

I imagine Countess Báthory Erzsébet -- long walled up in her living tomb now. The power of her vanity having grown and grown in her solitary imprisonment rather than being snuffed out as her prosecutors had planned. The evil of her self adoration magnified by lust and longing, perverted by pride, super energized with envy. Gazing more and more intently into the large ornate mirror left in her cell when she was bricked within. Those ancient words of Proverbs 6:16-19 noting the seven things that were an abomination unto him never finding purchase in her soul. At last, as she grasped the mirror one full moon night just as Venus was rising on the horizon, and swore an oath to the dark forces to free her from her condemnation that she might know the sweetness of virginal blood once again, the horrific force of her vanity caused her life force to be instantaneously drawn out of her corporeal form and sucked into the the virtual Vampiress in the mirror. Her lifeless body crumpling to the floor where it would be found the next morning, her image in the silvered glass disappearing. The only hint of the sinister supernatural machinations that took place being an imperceptible flake of glass spalling off a corner of the mirror where the physical thing had to make way to play hostess to its new tenant. An unremarkable razor sharp edge now exposed. 

Upon the Countess' demise, her body removed to an unmarked place to be anonymously disposed of. Those doing the deed, eradicated and tucked in the catacombs themselves after swearing an oath of secrecy in the cathedral. All of her possessions sent to be destroyed and burned. At least that was how it was planned..... these things instead stolen by the poor workmen charged with their destruction and sold to acquire money for food. A gilded, ornate mirror in particular fetching a handsome price. Purchased clandestinely by a noblewoman who lusted for it's intrinsic value as well as it's notorious origin, which she could lust over in private for she could never speak of it upon fear of arrest and execution. The object haunting her for years until one day she noted an imperfection and ran her finger over the spot to examine it. Being painfully cut, she rapidly withdrew her finger and automatically plunged the wound into her mouth. Soon, an unknown malady, of unknown origin consumed her. Her lingering death an unspeakably painful one. The mirror removed and sold on the black-market for her family feared the discovery of this still illegal to own item. This still unsatisfied item, for the blood of a Mother was not what the diabolical device craved and the transgressor who assumed so was summarily shown otherwise. 

The mirror moved around and was passed on from one place to another. None of those acquiring it having any use for it, they needed the money it would bring and so it went for decades and decades until the thing found its way into the back of a second hand shop where it languished, forgotten, covered with dust and buried behind other unwanted clutter. 

Until the day when a young and innocent farm girl who had been forced to leave her family and seek work in the Victorian age, smut filled city. Her family unable to feed all the mouths, no work available locally for her to pursue. Thus, she was forced to migrate to the city and become one of legions of factory girls. Seeking for a few meager possessions to outfit her vile living quarters with and make it feel as best she could, like home -- she happened into a second hand shop and browsed what was on hand that could be had for her pitiful funds. 

in time, she discovered something hidden under dusty old cloths in a corner. Casting off the protective cloaks, she was awed by what lie underneath. Of course, her heart instantly sank after a fleeting moment of euphoria, for she knew she could never afford it. When suddenly, the shop proprietor materialized behind her and asked if she was interested as he could clearly see she was. No, no she said, i could never save enough for something so expensive. To which he waxed at how very, very long it had been here with no interest and how long he had been out what he paid. He felt the thing was a curse, business had been bad ever since it came in, he had given up on getting out of it what he put in. He never mentioned his grief to this potential buyer over the loss of his wife, who had died not long after it came in after she was cleaning it. Her unexpected gruesome illness and death shocking the whole family until all was forgotten and the mirror among the rest pushed to the side and disregarded. 

The man soon blurted out a menial price, that stunned the young woman, and seeing her disbelief, he adamantly repeated it. Adding before she could respond that his sons would deliver it without charge. 

The evil entity now taking up an inordinate amount of space in her tiny quarters. She was greatly pleased, however, for making such a catch on what little allowance she could manage. It brightened the place MUCH, and would do so much more once she had spruced it up. She smiled as she caught her own visage in the glass and quickly rounded up what she needed and started dusting and polishing. 

Making short work of the task in her enthusiasm, she was quite satisfied by the result. Standing back proudly and looking at herself in the glass with the immaculate sheen. A glint of light from outside her window caught an irregularity in one corner creating a flash that drew her close to investigate. Leaning in close, she saw where an edge had flaked out and was hypnotically compelled to run her finger on the place. 

Alas for her, unlike those in the long line before, the girl was exactly what the object had long hindered to taste -- Death would not be her release. Instead of pain, the prick on her finger filled her with a strange euphoria and she continued to run the spot as an inexplicable ecstasy built within her. The mirror siphoning off a stream of her essence unbeknownst to the mesmerized victim. When the prisoner inside had imbibed enough to recover her strength, she roused and wickedly threw herself across the portal of an innocent woman's finger and took full possession of the new hostess. The previous occupant of the body cast across the occult abyss of the glass and into the escapee's former dungeon. 

Slowly, hungrily, the Countess began to explore her new form and licked a pair of vibrant young lips. Yes, this would do nicely .......

So then, M'Lady MacGill, your mission, should you accept it, give form to this evil usurper with an insatiable blood lust, who has not tasted blood for a very long while, and who has come into possession of the means to pursue motives and opportunities to do so. i have my own ideas of what kind of changes the Countess will make with her new body, but unless you beat them out of me, i would much prefer that you create the innocent girl turned industrial age femme fatale in your own image!

if all of that is too much, let me know and i will think on another character that you might prefer to sketch!

Thanks much for the consideration


Mischief inc.


is creating old scool rpg adventures, here you can download their free products:…

You can find them on Facebook to, like them for updates about their pruducts:…
Final Fantasy job change Please check them out, they are great, but if you like, love, adore old fashioned D&D, dungeon crawl rpg then you must see their work.
I'm so happy to be able to be a part of it! Cute Emoticon Blushing



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I use traditional media whenever possible. I'm still struggling with the thought of painting digitally, but I might get tempted.
Also, I make polymer clay dolls, and love to do crafty stuff!

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